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Occupational Therapy News

12th Sep 2018
You can contact the Occupational Therapy department on 028 9076 9897 option 3, Monday...


Susanne Bryans
Susanne Bryans

Occupational Therapy


Nicola Stringer
Nicola Stringer

Mrs Judith McClure
Mrs Judith McClure
Occupational Therapist

Miss Julie Whann
Miss Julie Whann
Occupational Therapist

Orla McClory
Orla McClory

Sheryl Nesbitt
Sheryl Nesbitt


About our Service

Occupational Therapy aims to help your child be as independent as possible in everyday tasks both in school and at home.

This may involve:

  • getting the right chair to help your child sit comfortably
  • looking at equipment to help your child in the classroom, bathroom and dining room
  • dealing with wheelchair or buggy needs
  • teaching your child how to use their wheelchair safely
  • helping your child develop his / her hand function e.g. to hold a pencil or use scissors
  • helping your child access and use a computer or device through the use of digital assistive technology
  • advising how your child can learn personal care skills such as dressing, toileting and feeding
  • advising how your child may develop perceptual and cognitive skills such as concentration and attention, and concepts of colour, shape and size
  • working alongside the people involved in preparing your child for transferring or leaving school
  • building up skills to help your young person be more independent at home such as making a snack, and when he / she is out and about shopping and using money

Your child will be assessed to identify his / her abilities and needs. With your involvement we will plan how to best help your child.

This may include:

  • individual or group sessions in school
  • advice to you on activities to carry out at home
  • advice to educational staff
  • liaison with your child's local community occupational therapist

Occupational Therapy may:

  • be carried out by female or male members of staff
  • require close handling to improve your child's position and functional ability
  • include taking photographs or video of your child

You can contact the Occupational Therapy department on:

Tel: 028 9076 9897 option 3