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Mitchell House School, Belfast

Sparrows are getting ready for next year, but they still remember Disney fun this year in World Around Us work.

2nd Jun 2021

In this memorable Topic work all the Sparrows worked hard together to learn through Geography, History & Science.  We all had different jobs to to design Disney Board Game activities in a game for all. We used our skills to understand changes within living memory as well as find out about the life of a significant individual who contributed to global lifestyles to create our game challenges.  He was called Mr. Walt Disney.   Advances in technology enabled the creation of a multi-million £ film industry & Theme Park from Mr. Disney's first still drawing!  It helped us believed in dreams!

We wanted to arrange our questions on a Corridor Display Board for the whole school to play.

We didn't make the rules up as we went along, but we did have to remind it was only one turn a day! 

We really liked it when  Miss Donnan played our game too!