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Mitchell House School Marmont Park, Belfast
Mitchell House School Marmont Park, Belfast

Shared Education

This year (2016/2017) for our Shared Education Project with Ashfield Boys' High School we have a range of different activities and lessons throughout the year. In term 1 we have:


  • Joint Essential Skills L2 lessons at Ashfield School for Mitchell House pupils 
  • KS3 ICT and Home Economics joint lessons at Ashfield School for Mitchell House pupils
  • Joint LLW sessions in term 1 for Year 8 pupils for Ashfield and Mitchell House with YMCA
  • Team building day for Year 8 pupils for Mitchell House and Ashfield pupils
  • KS3 Drama sessions for 6 weeks at Mitchell House for Year 8 Ashfield Boys
  • Staff Professional Development sessions held at Mitchell House in Film and Animation with Nerve Centre
  • Joint Occupational Studies in Horticulture at Mitchell House with sixth form at Ashfield
  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme provided by Mitchell House for pupils in Mitchell House and sixth form at Ashfield


Mitchell House also share a partnership with Victoria Park Primary School. Two of our primary classes do several joint activities throughout the school year. The children really benefit from working  and learning together.

Glendhu Nursery are our nursery partners. The 2 nurseries host each other for events and activities throughout the year.

We regularly explore issues surrounding diversity and disability that arise for the students as a result of our inclusive programmes.  

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Shared Education Activiites